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Sometimes underestimated, your career site is your employer's showcase and can be a valuable tool to improve your talent attraction strategy. Converting visitors into candidates is an extremely important topic: you can easily improve this conversion rate by taking control of your career site: relevant content, functional design, attention to search engine indexing. Your career site is a real recruitment booster!

Blog articles

Job offer: Top 5 mistakes according to candidates
min read

Job offer: Top 5 mistakes according to candidates

There are 5 mistakes you must never commit as a recruiter when writing a job posting. The candidates have spoken!
Passive candidates: sourcing them without LinkedIn
min read

Finding the passive candidates you need... when LinkedIn isn't enough

Sourcing passive candidates other than on LinkedIn? Private social networks, referral, nurturing...: there are many solutions.
Diagnosis & career site: checklist of points to check
min read

Diagnosing your career site: 10 points to check

Is your career site up to the task? Check out our 10-point diagnosis to find out if you need to redesign it.
10 ways to boost career site efficiency
min read

10 ways to boost career site efficiency

Seamlessness, mobile compatibility, images, etc. You can improve your career site in multiple ways to convert visitors into candidates.
8 tips for original job descriptions
min read

8 tips for original job descriptions

An effective job description must be original, provide detailed info on the company & the position to be filled, reflect the employer brand.
Employer brand: initiatives for better recruiting!
min read

5 inspiring employer brand initiatives for recruiting

5 successful examples of employer brand initiatives to convert the best candidates. Attract, hire, and retain talent – the effective way.
Strong employer brands attract expert & rare profiles
min read

A strong employer brand to overcome the labour shortage and attract candidates (webinar with Capgemini)

Attracting rare profiles (experts, engineers, etc.) can be achieved through a strong employer brand and investing in nurturing your talents.

Success stories

Advocacy increases careers page traffic for Zurich Public Transport
min read

Advocacy increases careers page traffic for Zurich Public Transport

With a customized advocacy solution, CleverConnect supports content-driven HR marketing to generate traffic on the VBZ career website.

White papers

Recruitment marketing guide: multi-channel communication

Diversify your communication initiatives to reach 100% of talent

Diversify your communication actions and reach 100% of talent with multi-channel campaigns: email, SMS, WhatsApp, social media.
Passive candidate - Your ideal candidate is not looking for a job

Passive candidates - What if your ideal candidate isn’t actually looking for a job?

Discover our white paper: reasons for turning to passive talent to find candidates for your company, and how to do it.
6 steps to an effective recruitment marketing strategy

6 steps towards an effective recruitment marketing strategy

The talent shortage is driving recruiters to look to marketing techniques to attract candidates and improve their experience.