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Demonstrate the actual impact of your recruitment strategy

The CleverConnect platform helps recruitment teams diversify their talent acquisition operations to improve performance and increase the chances of achieving recruitment objectives. It adapts perfectly to existing HRIS ecosystems, making it a simple and straightforward tool to use.
Our teams will show you the advantages of our recruitment modules and how easy they are to use. Take your talent acquisition strategy to the next level.
Talent Acquisition Manager

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Reach your recruitment targets with less effort

As your teams struggle to find potential candidates who match your needs, posting a job offer and waiting for applications no longer fits the bill. Achieving your talent acquisition objectives is becoming a more and more complex affair, and broadening candidate sourcing channels increasingly necessary.

CleverConnect’s platform has the advantage of being flexible, meaning you can choose the combination of modules that will help you find and convince the candidates you’re looking for – from referrals to candidate relationship, to video interviewing, and career sites, and everything in between.

These new talent acquisition operations will undoubtedly up your game.

Reach your recruitment targets with less effort

Stay in control of your sourcing and candidate relation operations

Revisiting your strategy and attracting applications through complementary channels such as referrals or long-term relationships with potential candidates doesn’t mean you’re unleashing your team out into the unknown.

With CleverConnect, there’s no such risk. We help you identify your needs and the opportunities for improvement based on your current organisation. Also, we know how to adapt to your specific requirements and obligations (including in relation to the GDPR).

All operations are monitored within our platform, which helps you and your team make timely adjustments to your recruitment strategy on a day-to-day basis.

This tracking will show just how profitable your strategy is for your company.

Stay in control of your sourcing and candidate relation operations

Leverage the skills of your recruitment team and the innovation of our modules

CleverConnect isn’t just yet another software programme to impose on your recruiters. It’s an adaptive solution that integrates seamlessly with existing tools (like your ATS, for example) and that your recruiters ’could very well find it difficult to do without, especially seeing as we’ve’ designed it to be easy to learn and use.

In the deployment of our approach, we’ll support your teams not only during the implementation of your chosen modules’, but also in their day-to-day use. We’ll grow with your needs, listening to your recommendations and requests for new features.

Your teams will have all the resources they need to yield better results, all while enjoying valuable peace of mind.

Leverage the skills of your recruitment team and the innovation of our modules

As talent acquisition manager, I feel it's my duty to automate everything that can be automated, so that I can concentrate on the essential tasks, such as recruiting our future employees.

Adrien Servan Courir
Adrien Servan
Talent Acquisition Manager
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