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Less than 30 seconds to source the best profiles with your CRM

A Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tool can centralize all the profiles from ALL the sourcing channels and you can animate them from there.

Diversify your communication initiatives to reach 100% of talent

Diversify your communication actions and reach 100% of talent with multi-channel campaigns: email, SMS, WhatsApp, social media.

Adapting to skills shortages: the power of CRM in economic turbulence (Fosway partnership)

Talent shortages, an uncertain economy, business objectives - these may seem like obstacles, but CRM can turn these ussues into opportunities

Passive candidates - What if your ideal candidate isn’t actually looking for a job?

Discover our white paper: reasons for turning to passive talent to find candidates for your company, and how to do it.

6 steps towards an effective recruitment marketing strategy

The talent shortage is driving recruiters to look to marketing techniques to attract candidates and improve their experience.