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6 steps towards an effective recruitment marketing strategy

For decades, marketing experts have been brushing up on their prospect attraction and persuasion skills to convert them into clients – and loyal ones at that. In the wake of the current labour shortage, the competitive talent acquisition sector is encouraging recruiters to draw inspiration from marketing to stay in the game. This is how “recruiting marketing” was born. 6 steps are all it takes to become a recruitment marketing expert – let’s get down to business!

What’s so special about recruiting marketing techniques? Marketing recruiting techniques provide recruiters with solutions to improve candidate experience throughout the whole process. This in turn boosts the company’s reputation and builds a solid employer brand.

Consider this shift as an opportunity to try out new approaches and let your creative juices flow. Not only will you reap performance benefits for your company, you’ll also have fun in the process.

Summary: What steps to follow to set up your recruitment marketing strategy?

Phase 1: Candidate personas

➡ Identify candidate profiles and know your expectations

Phase 2: Employee Value Proposition

➡ Pinpoint what makes your company so unique and make those qualities stand out

Phase 3: The Content Factory

➡ Create useful content that’ll inspire your target audiences

Phase 4: Nurturing

➡ Voice your value to candidates through the right communication channels

Phase 5: Automation

➡ Program messages to send to the profiles you want to reach

Phase 6: KPIs

➡ Monitor your actions and analyse them to ensure continuous improvement

Bonus: Recruitment marketing is introducing new roles

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