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Employee referral: the solution for hiring passive candidates
min read

Leverage employee referrals to hire passive candidates more easily

Passive candidates often yield satisfaction in filling high-premium positions. How can embracing employee referral help you hire them?
Top KPIs for measuring referral success
min read

Which KPIs should you use to measure the success of your employee referral programme?

If you’re looking to measure how well your employee referral programme is performing, track specific key performance indicators (KPIs)!
Top HR KPIs for better recruiting
min read

Top HR KPIs for improving hiring performance (talks with Mazars)

It is possible to improve recruiting processes through KPI monitoring and analysis. Mazars has succeeded in doing just that.
How automation can optimise recruitment workflows?
min read

Go with the CRM flow: how automation can optimise recruitment workflows?

The aim of automation is to replace sequential manual tasks with automatic steps, thus increasing the efficiency of the entire workflow.
10 ways to boost career site efficiency
min read

10 ways to boost career site efficiency

Seamlessness, mobile compatibility, images, etc. You can improve your career site in multiple ways to convert visitors into candidates.
How do you properly assess a candidate?
min read

Choosing the right methods and tools for assessing candidates

Techniques, tools, interview formats, etc. – clearly defining your strategy for assessing candidates is essential to be more effective.
Soft skills: Fuel for reskilling and upskilling
min read

Reskilling and upskilling: How training can help you secure high-potential candidates

Identifying them soft skills during the recruiting phase can help you anticipate training needs. Use upskilling & reskilling.
Integrating boomerang employees & recruiting strategy
min read

Including boomerang employees in your recruiting strategy

Read about our tips about involving your former employees in your recruiting strategy by having them represent your company as ambassadors.
Internal mobility: how do you identify transferable skills?
min read

Detecting transferable skills to optimise internal mobility

People can change jobs thanks to skills that are valued for other positions, which is why it is useful to know how to identify these skills.