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An adaptable solution that grows with your needs

Adaptability is the guiding principle in recruiting. In a world where everything moves so quickly, you need to be equipped with the right tactics, techniques, and tools for your needs. They should adapt to you, not the opposite. More than 80% of potential candidates are passive talent. Although this is unanimous for most companies, each enterprise faces challenges that are specific to their industry, structure, strategy, and resources. And this is why we developed – and now strive to update on a perpetual basis – a platform that evolves with your needs and practices. Transformation is at the heart of your operations, and ours too!

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An adaptable solution that grows with your needs
A highly customisable solution

A highly customisable solution aligned with the versatility of your talent acquisition strategy

Our platform is the result of 10 years of ongoing conversation with our customers. We designed it with versatility in mind, to enable every company to find the perfect setup with the modules and features they need. This allows us to cater to the specific requirements of every company, regardless of the tools they already have in place, the types of candidates they expect to see, the challenges they face in the industry, and the size of their recruiting team. Our tools accommodate large and small recruiting teams alike, regardless of what their team organisation may look like and whoever else in the company may be involved.

Your current needs are likely to shift in the future

Your current needs are likely to shift in the future

Does your company’s strategic focus evolve year on year? Some companies even make adjustments within the same year. And that’s OK! In fact, it’s even quite encouraging, because it means you’re trying out different things to see what fits best. The reason we made our platform so adaptable was to give you enough peace of mind to feel comfortable sampling different approaches. We know that changes occur because of more profound transformations (budget increases/restrictions, team reshuffles, amendments to how many or what sort of hires you need to secure). The tools you use should adapt to you, whichever direction you’re moving in, and that’s something we firmly believe in.

we’ll work around you

Don’t let anything cramp your transformation – we’ll work around you!

Choose one, two, three or even the whole suite based on your current needs and add to the platform as your talent acquisition strategy and challenges evolve. Within each module, you can either go for just the core feature, or step things up a level with extra options to meet your needs. Our teams will be on call to help you learn how to use your made-to-measure platform and provide advice on whether or not it’s in need of an update.