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Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Attract and convert more talents into candidates by adopting a fully personalised approach
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CRM de CleverConnect

If your recruiting strategy is looking to achieve at least one of the following goals, then your recruitment team is in need of a CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) solution:

Increase the number of sourcing channels in a controlled and collaborative way to unearth high quality profiles despite the candidate shortage
Organise lists of potential candidates into structured talent pools to manage them more effectively and in compliance with the GDPR
Make the job events you attend profitable by attracting as many visitors and applications as possible during and after the event

Here’s what you can expect with our CRM tool.

Source profiles effortlessly

Search for profiles on LinkedIn, Xing and GitHub with the Chrome extension, and add selected top talents to your database in just one click.
Provide registration forms to help candidates in your talent pools sign up for your events or on your career site.
Automatically manage GDPR consent.
Source profiles effortlessly

Improve candidate relationship management

Centralise candidate data stemming from each of your sourcing channels.
Simplify collaborative recruiting with a single database for your entire recruitment team.
Log all contact and exchanges between talents and team members.
History of the relationship with candidates

Stop paying to hunt candidates that you already have in your talent pools

Fully customise your talent pools based on your needs.
Segment profiles using filters and tags for easier personalised contacting.
Use advanced search functions to find a talent or talent pool and get a better overview of relevant data.
Receive automatic suggestions of the best profiles based on your vacancies thanks to matching capabilities and one-click application invitations.
Sourcing by talent pools filters

Talent relationship management is valuable to us for two main reasons: In terms of HR marketing, it enables us to develop relationships by approaching specific target audiences with relevant content. From a recruiting standpoint, it provides us with a pool of hot talent that helps us increase the efficiency of our sourcing operations.

Katharina Zehner R+V
Katharina Zehner
Recruitment Marketing
& Social Recruiting, R+V Versicherungen
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