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If your recruiting strategy is looking to achieve at least one of the following goals, then your recruitment team needs to fully digitalise its referral programme:

Find qualified candidates who will integrate quickly and long-term within your company and its culture
Reduce your talent acquisition costs and gain greater control over your recruitment budget
Make your referral programme sustainable all while stepping up a gear
Improve employee satisfaction and increase your retention rate

Here’s what you can expect with our digital referral tool.

Optimise the execution of your referral programme

Digitalise your existing referral programme (or the one you’re currently setting up) to make it easier for staff to take ownership.
Set up regular communication about your referral programme through automatic, customisable emails.
Leverage a dashboard to monitor your programme’s performance in real time, so you can adapt your operations accordingly.
Referral jobs availables

Boost employee involvement to secure more active participation

Introduce gamification features for referrals and content sharing to get more people involved.
Adopt a transparent and automated process for distributing referral bonuses and other rewards.
Share stories on the portal to encourage employees to share employer-brand content within their networks. 
Gamification in referral programme

Extend brand awareness with sharing capabilities

In just a click, get employees to share job offers published on the referral portal directly to their networks.
Publish corporate content on social networks, personalising your messages effortlessly within the referral portal.
Share job opportunities posted on the referral portal with other employees to encourage internal mobility.
Corporate news shared by employees

Extend access to your referral programme to all company profiles

Provide both desktop and mobile app access to your referral programme depending on where your employees are working.
Deploy simplified digital communication to inform all employees about the referral programme, regardless of their location.
Easily follow up on referrals submitted by employees without the recruitment team having to manage the administrative aspects of the programme.
Following of employees referral actions

Since launching Einstellungssache, our digital referral programme, the number of referrals has skyrocketed, and referrals have even become a normal part of work life for our employees. Our new process provides greater transparency with regard to how rewards and bonuses are managed. [...] Many of our team members also actively promote our Einstellungssache vacancies on their personal networks.

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Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Manager
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