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Build a unified digital HR ecosystem to help your recruiters achieve their goals

The CleverConnect platform includes a full range of tools to meet all sorts of needs expressed by recruitment teams, and seamlessly integrates with your existing tools. Easier sourcing, improved candidate relations, time-consuming process automation – drastically improve satisfaction among your HR ’team thanks a single platform.
Find out how you can combine our recruitment platform with your existing HRIS. Give your company the boost it needs to accelerate its talent acquisition strategy.
Build a unified digital HR ecosystem to help your recruiters achieve their goals

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Integrate a single platform into your ecosystem and enjoy maximum functionality

We know that what matters to you is offering the most coherent suite of tools to support the challenges faced by your HR team and recruiters. You’re having to compose with existing tools and processes, while at the same time offering ever more innovative solutions tailored to the needs of recruitment experts, which is why simplifying your stack has become strategic to your operations.

Our all-in-one platform complements the capabilities of your ATS (Applicant Tracking System), enabling you to support all the stages leading up to the recruitment process: multi-channel talent sourcing, automatically creating filterable and actionable talent pools, personalised talent managing to convince potential candidates to apply, and much more. Forget all the stand-alone solutions that just make your management processes more complicated, and capitalise on a single tool that’s easy to administer.

CleverConnect’s single platform is all you need to perfect your ATS for a fully effective 360-degree recruitment strategy.

Integrate a single platform into your ecosystem

Design your ideal platform, combining your own challenges with those recruiters face

Each recruitment team has specific needs, and each company faces specific technical challenges. At CleverConnect, we thought it was absolutely’ essential to offer a global platform with all the functionalities necessary for talent acquisition. We’re also aware, however, that each organisation moves at its own pace, ’which is why we provide our customers with the opportunity to build their ideal platform, choosing only the solutions they need and the most relevant options.

What’s great about this approach is that such a modular platform allows us to adapt to your existing processes and current challenges, while leaving the door open to new requirements that we’ll help you define.

With flexibility at the heart of our service, we undertake to adapt to your current and future ecosystems.

Design your ideal platform

Take advantage of a high-performance API and ultra-fast integration

Our platform is already integrated with over 50 ATS and HRIS partners, making us a partner of choice in the world of HR tech and talent acquisition. In other words, there’ are high chances that the tools you’re currently using are 100% compatible with our platform.

If you’re using solutions which our platform ’doesn’t yet provide an integration for, we’ve designed “Exchange”, our iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution to enable quick and effortless connection to all HR applications on European and international markets.

No integration is too complicated for us. CleverConnect connects to you.

high-performance API and ultra-fast integration

CleverConnect is always open to our suggestions and requests for customising the software. We feel that we are taken seriously as a customer and appreciate the willingness to look for a solution. Our dedicated contact person knows our company and our situation inside out. We feel that we are in very good hands.

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