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Career Site CleverConnect

If your recruiting strategy is looking to achieve at least one of the following goals, then your recruitment team is in need of a 100% customisable career site:

Increase the number of applications submitted from your career site by converting as many visitors as possible
Improve the visibility of your employer brand and automatically increase your popularity on search engines
Save time and money managing your career pages
Rebrand your career site to start afresh and improve its performance

Here’s what you can expect with our career site management tool.

Develop and manage your career site with a CMS (Content Management System)

Administer your pages with a CMS that fully adapts to the specific challenges associated with managing career sites.
Access a library of 100% customisable page templates.
Publish, edit and delete pages in just a few clicks.
Enhance your career site without needing any skills in design or development.
Content Management System - CMS

Offer potential candidates an effective digital experience

Provide access to convenient, easy-to-use online application pages and forms.
Offer a fluid candidate journey with a design and features (filters, search, geolocation, etc.) that help talents navigate your site.
Use matching technology to find the best application for a vacancy, in just a click, based on automatic CV data analyses. 
Publish responsive pages that adapt automatically to all sorts of screen dimensions: computers, tablets and smartphones.
Download CV to apply

Attract more qualified candidates into your digital ecosystem with an optimised career site

Increase your online visibility with SEO features specifically targeted for job search queries.
Index job offers on Google Job Search and other search engines to reach a wider audience.
Leverage a performance monitoring dashboard and integrations with your existing tracking tools (e.g.: Google Analytics, AT Internet, etc.).
SEO optimised career site

Build your career site with a view to identifying the best candidates

Use matching technology to efficiently compare applicant profiles with available vacancies.
Automatically analyse CVs uploaded by applicants to your career site in order to send potential candidates offers that match their skills.
Access a chatbot tool to provide answers to candidates’ questions and improve pre-qualification before they apply.
Career site chatbot

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