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Talent Campaigns

Strengthen your relationship with your potential candidates through multi-channel communication
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Talent Campaings - CleverConnect

If your recruiting strategy is looking to achieve at least one of the following goals, then your recruitment team is in need of a Talent Campaigns solution:

Build a tailored communication strategy using channels like WhatsApp and SMS based on your candidates’ preferences
Ensure hassle-free GDPR compliance by fully automating the consent management process
Set up more touchpoints, leveraging both automated and tailored messages to build relationships and increase conversion rates
Simplify collaborative sourcing processes with contact logs all stored in the same place

Here’s what you can expect with our Talent Campaigns tool.

Effortlessly design multi-channel campaigns that include WhatsApp and SMS

Create powerful automated campaigns based on talent profiles and interests. 
Centralise mailing management across multiple and complementary communication channels (email, SMS, WhatsApp).
Add communication preferences for each profile in your talent pool.
Multi-channel talent campaigns

Streamline campaign creation, management and optimisation

Build a repository of re-usable and on-brand templates to speed up the creation process.
Leverage pre-segmented talent pools, filters and tags to establish tailored distribution lists and campaigns.
Easily track campaign performance with dashboards to help you keep up your optimisation efforts.
Talent campaigns tracking

Establish personalised automation processes to increase efficiency

Set up a fully automated GDPR management process, from requesting consent through to consent renewal and data cleaning, etc.
Increase the number of touchpoints with automated nurturing campaigns based on candidates’ actions such as form submissions, profile updates, etc. 
Get automated alerts when candidates perform actions to shorten your response times, optimise the candidate experience and ultimately cut down time-to-hire, etc.
Talent campaigns workflow

We already use CleverConnect’s automation functions to inform recruiters about new talent leads for their specific areas of responsibility. Thanks to faster response times, we made our first hires in just six weeks, including for positions that are difficult to fill and for which we used to turn to headhunters for help. This is also a great success story for us.

Katharina Zehner
Katharina Zehner
Recruitment Marketing
& Social Recruiting, R+V Versicherungen
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