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Address today’s HR challenges with full control over your talent acquisition operations

The CleverConnect platform helps recruitment teams adapt to contemporary talent acquisition challenges. Its technologies provide meaningful opportunities for proactive recruitment dealing recruiters a new hand for the best chance to win the tricky gamble of ongoing candidate shortages. Ultimately, the platform allows you to focus on other key priorities, such as employee well-being and retention.
Discover how our platform delivers higher quality recruitment and reduces time-to-hire. Take your talent acquisition strategy to the next level.

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Attract quality candidates keen to join your company… and stay on in the long run

In today’s climate, you can no longer afford to take risks with talent acquisition initiatives that offer little or no return on investment. To tackle the talent shortage, attracting candidates has become a major challenge. But not all strategies can convince talent to submit an application while at the same time ensuring the quality of the candidate’s profile and their loyalty potential.

Our tools empower your teams to achieve better results by effortlessly building trusting relationships with talent with a view to turning them into candidates. All this is made possible by automating time-consuming actions – which, over time, reduces time-to-hire – and by providing an accessible dashboard for monitoring the efficiency of your interactions with your talent. Our platform also encourages internal mobility and improves employee retention by involving them in the company’s strategy.

Ultimately, your teams attract and retain the best talent more easily.

Attract quality candidates

Empower your teams with simple yet useful technology that integrates with your organisation’s global ecosystem

Integrating new solutions into your teams’ toolbox usually requires some form of investment, whether financial or human. Choosing the right technology will yield invaluable return on investment, so your goal in all this is to find a reliable system that meets your company’s needs including all your HRIS challenges and the specificities of your ecosystem.

We’ve designed our platform in such a way that HR and recruitment leaders don’t need to take any risks in implementing it within their teams. It provides:

  • Recruitment teams with an easy access to and control over AI-powered operations
  • A platform that’s flexible and scalable over time to suit your changing needs
  • Seamless integration with your existing tech stack (ATS, HRIS, etc.)
  • Compliance with European regulations (GDPR)
  • Results tracking capabilities on comprehensible and easy-to-share dashboards

More than 1,000 companies already rely on CleverConnect solutions in their day-to-day business.

Empower your teams with simple yet useful technology

Trust a European company to support the renewal of your talent acquisition strategy

We accompany our customers every step of the way: from offering tailored support in order to analyse your needs, to assisting you in implementing the tool, to backing your teams in their day-to-day use of the platform. Our aim is to give recruitment teams all the keys they need to leverage our solution effectively and to the fullest – without you having to worry about anything.

You can rely on the flexibility of our solution to evolve with your needs over the years, thereby keeping your talent acquisition strategy under control. We have teams based all over Europe, which means we have precious understanding of the specifics of each country and candidate preferences. The solidity and performance of our platform is further supported by the quality of the assistance we offer.

Transform your talent acquisition strategy with your eyes closed.

Trust a European company

The CleverConnect platform is a living recruitment ecosystem that is very sustainable for us: A lead that is not hired immediately can be a hire in the future. We needed a system that adapts to our very special needs: a combination of automations, referrals as well as nurturing functionalities and a central CRM to store all our profiles from various sourcing channels as well as matching to quickly find the best candidates in our growing talent pools.

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