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How do pre-recorded video interviews facilitate collaborative recruitment?

Teamwork, collective decision-making, alignment on selection criteria... yes, pre-recorded video interviews can improve the exchanges taking place between the various internal stakeholders. 5 points are particularly useful for improved collaboration.
How do pre-recorded video interviews facilitate collaborative recruitment?

Aligning assessment criteria for the pre-recorded video interview

In order to prepare the questions for the pre-recorded video interview, the team must first define what they want to learn from the candidate. As there is a defined number of questions, you need to be able to make smart choices. The advantage of the pre-recorded video interview? It forces you to choose questions that will speak not only to the business teams, but also to the recruitment team

Each member of the recruiting team (recruiter, hiring manager, team member) can evaluate the same recorded answers; all candidates are evaluated on the same basis. This makes it much easier to compare candidates objectively, and avoids subjective opinions.

Our advice: as the questions are all defined in advance, don't hesitate to prepare an evaluation grid as soon as you design the questionnaire: everyone will then be able to evaluate according to even more precise criteria, and you'll get clear scores for all applications.

Collective decision-making: pre-recorded video interviews strengthen collaboration

Everyone involved in the recruitment process can view the candidates' videos as a group, or on their own. The advantage? Even if they view the videos alone, they can share their impressions with the whole team (recruiters, hiring managers, directors, team members) automatically and easily.

Everyone's comments can be visible to all, facilitating joint decision-making. Open discussion is encouraged because it's based on the same videos.

Our advice: get a pre-recorded video interviewing platform with built-in commenting and the ability to share videos with whomever you like, with no limit on the number of participants.

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Pre-recorded video interviews make it easier to coordinate schedules

The schedules of those involved in recruitment are often very full... And when you need to find a free moment for everyone, it becomes complicated, whether it's time for interviewing or debriefing to make decisions on a particular application.

With pre-recorded video interviews, time is no longer an issue. It sometimes happened that someone (hiring managers, team members...) could not turn up for an interview due to lack of time, or that the candidate would be given 2 interviews instead of one, because schedules didn't match... This is no longer the case! No scheduling conflicts, no availability problems - coordination is more efficient when everyone can look at things at their own pace and when they're available.

Our advice: the only date you need to specify is the date by which the person consulted for recruitment purposes should have provided their comments. After that, he or she can manage at his or her own leisure!

Pre-recorded video interviewing: improving team commitment and involvement

In most recruitment processes, the only team members involved are the managers (n+1 of the future recruit, or even n+1 and n+2). It is also rare for several recruiters to be involved in the same recruitment, except in specific cases. Pre-recorded video interviews are an excellent way of involving other profiles

  1. Members of the future recruit's team
  2. Managers from other teams who may work with this profile
  3. Other recruiters or HR people who could give an opinion.

With other interview formats, this is impossible, as nothing is recorded and everyone would have to be present during the physical or video interviews to assess the candidate. Teams feel valued when they take part in these stages of the recruitment process, and can make a real contribution to pre-selection. 

Our advice: just because the tool makes it possible doesn't mean you have to involve all your company's employees in every recruitment process. Define your strategy first and foremost. For example, involve the future recruit's team members only when you have doubts about a profile. You could also organize short group meetings to watch the 10 videos you'd like to hear their opinions on!

[Bonus] Involve your employees in videos presenting the team, the position or the company! A way to get them even more involved and enrich your employer brand from your pre-recorded video interview platform with humanized content that will strike a chord with your candidates.

Pre-recorded video interviewing for better collaboration despite distance

In some companies, remote working has become the norm, and not everyone is necessarily present on the company premises at the same time. Other companies have several geographically dispersed offices. Sometimes, for other companies, several team members are on the road, traveling, etc.

The pre-recorded video interview has the advantage of enabling everyone to be involved without losing time due to travel delays, etc. There are no distance constraints, and this tool not only helps companies already used to working remotely, but also those who might be worried about the consequences of not always being together.

Our advice: in addition to being able to add comments, try to choose a tool that lets you add ratings to each video! This could help team members who might be watching videos on the move and not necessarily have the time to write comments or call you to debrief.

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