The key to succeed: a recruitment strategy to meet a candidate-centric market

The expectations of candidates, both active and passive, are increasingly challenging. With the talent shortage, the market has shifted in favor of candidates, who can now afford to be more demanding throughout the recruitment process. While it is relevant to temper this statement by industry and position, it is still critical for all recruiters to embrace the candidate experience. The resulting benefits are significant.

Providing a quality candidate experience makes it easier to recruit by being more convincing, but also to prepare for future recruitments by clearly improving your reputation, your credibility and therefore your appeal as an employer.

You must consider the long term to implement a strategy adapted to the challenges of a world where candidate experience is essential. Invest in approaches that allow your company to stand out as an employer brand: quality online experience, innovative experiences, and personalised communications

GI Group’s challenge (interim & general recruitment)
Unique experience

For us, investing in the candidate experience has become essential to meet the strategy of improving our group’s reputation. Our goal was to deliver the best candidate experience in our industry

This is a challenge which GI Group is currently facing, and we know that many other companies are too, perhaps yours included.

Solutions to leverage a high-quality candidate experience

The candidate experience includes all the milestones a candidate experiences with you, from before they apply to the moment they sign their contract. Sometimes the candidate experience is successful thanks to a number of practical features: short response times, transparent application process, one-click application option, etc. But a candidate’s experience can also be enhanced by more advanced actions: regular emails, invitations to events, and differentiated recruitment steps… Our platform meets each of these objectives.

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Show candidates you value their soft skills with pre-recorded video interviews

It is important for candidates to feel that they are valued. The benefit of the deferred video interview is that it allows you to go beyond their CV and look at their personality. It also saves time because it does not require a common time slot for the recruiter and the candidate. The candidate can do it when it suits them. This innovative tool also promotes a positive image for your company.

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Simplify the talent application process with a well designed career website

How many qualified profiles abandon the application process when they encounter technical difficulties, long forms or complex and repetitive steps? Many do. And rightfully so! Providing a quality digital journey shows that your company understands the importance of the candidate experience. You can show this by building a well-designed career website.

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Show your candidates that you understand them with talent nurturing practices

A successful candidate experience is having the impression that the company takes time to get to know you and adapt to you. Nurturing is the practice of building long-lasting, personalised relationships with the talent in your network, whether they have been candidates before or not. Ask them questions, send them information that interests them, and only offer them jobs that match their profile: they will be a thousand times more likely to join you and show your goodwill as an employer.

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