[Webinar with Capgemini] A strong employer brand to overcome the labour shortage and attract candidates

3,200 rare profiles hired in 1 year? Capgemini Engineering succeeded in doing just that by focusing on building the attractiveness of its employer brand and developing its candidate nurturing strategy. The heart of Capgemini’s strategy builds on a candidate-oriented recruiting approach.

Capgemini recruiting director Emmanuel Legros shares his recruiting techniques. Capgemini Engineering is the group’s largest entity, with 52,000 engineers and scientists based in over 30 countries. Amongst others, the entity specialises in the aeronautical, automotive, railway, and energy industries.

Employer branding: the main ingredient for successful hiring

Capgemini’s employer brand builds on a variety of factors:

  • Its top place in the Universum Global ranking (according to a survey conducted in business and engineering schools)
  • Ambassador programmes in higher education institutions as a strong lever for brand development
  • Social responsibility at the heart of Capgemini’s employer brand development strategy (e-inclusion, diversity, etc.)
  • Accessible internship programmes from the age of 14 for pupils living in underprivileged neighbourhoods
  • 3.3% of recruits have a disability (this rate generally ranges around 2.5% in other companies)

What’s the secret for attracting experts and rare candidates?

Personal development and opportunities for skills development are key for these types of profiles. To attract them to your company, you’ll need to build a relationship with them over time, starting even before they begin job hunting (liaising with experts, inbound recruiting, etc.).

“Nurturing” talents as a recruiting strategy

What does “nurturing” mean in the world of recruiting?
Nurturing is initially a marketing term that involves creating and strengthening relationships with potential customers – or talents in our case – with a view to converting them into customers, or candidates.

Capgemini’s approach consists of engaging with “targets” before they start their job search. And to achieve this, the secret is to keep communication constant all year long. It’s a long-win strategy that needs to be implemented over time.

Communicating using current marketing techniques without resorting to conventional recruiting channels can be a solution. Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) and news pages are excellent communication channels for this.

Looking to establish and nurture durable relationships with your talent pool? Explore the module

The future of recruiting as Capgemini sees it

According to the international tech and consulting company, a large portion of screening and sourcing efforts will be algorithm-based, with a heightened focus on soft skills: AI will have to be capable of analysing candidate behaviour and attitude through video technology.

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The main change will come about as a result of the Covid pandemic. Now that working from home (and remote working) has become easier to implement, companies will be able to better leverage internal resources before having to consider taking on new external hires.

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