[Video] 5 good resolutions for recruiters in 2023, with Louis Coulon

Louis Coulon

For several years now, the world of recruitment has been quickly evolving. Recruiters’ positioning is changing, candidates’ expectations are growing. The year 2022 has shown that passive recruitment (“I post an ad and wait for applications”) no longer works. So what good resolutions should you make to meet these new market challenges? Answers with Louis Coulon, co-founder of CleverConnect.

Discover the 5 good resolutions to make!

If you can’t read the video, go to Youtube “Recruiters: good resolutions to make in 2023 – with Louis Coulon”.

“I implement a proactive recruitment strategy”

In 2022, you had the feeling that you had very low volumes of applications. It’s normal and you were not alone. Last year, there was a major talent shortage and almost no job was spared.

Less and less candidates are actively looking for a job and traditional channels are not enough anymore to get a satisfactory volume of applications.

In 2023, stop waiting for applications that won’t arrive and make your recruitment more proactive. Build pools of talents coming from various sources like social networks, talent fairs, employee referrals, or even past applications. And from there, nurture them with automated employer branding content.

In no time, those talent pools will become a goldmine to succeed in hiring efficiently and quickly.

“I customize my approach according to my candidates”

In the context of talent shortage, candidates have more expectations. They really want a great hiring experience, and unfortunately, it’s not always the case. Their experience is usually way too generic and quite long.

On average, they need 27 clicks to be able to apply on a career site and have to wait for almost two weeks before getting an answer.

In 2023, consider each candidate is unique and has different needs. Build adapted and customized journeys for each of them.

Customize the content on your career site, the application process, the communications you’re sending and also the interviewing process.

“I automate time-consuming tasks and focus on value-added ones”

Speed is key to hire the best candidates and even more in a penuric market. Candidates on average expect a 2 to 3 weeks process, whereas they usually get 6 yo 7 weeks before being hired.

Yes but still, publishing job ads, screening CVs, scheduling and doing phone interviews… all of those take a lot of time.

In 2023, automate all these tasks, so you can save time and shorten your time to hire. There are a lot of solutions to help you save up to 80% of your time. Jobs ads multiposting, CV matching, interview scheduling and even on demand video interviews. Thanks to those, you can spend time on the task where you have the most value: finding the right talents and spending time with them so you can convince them to join you.

“I put my employees at the heart of my recruitment strategy”

In 2022, like most companies, you probably had to increase your spendings on talent acquisition to face talent shortage. But this year, the economic environment is different. You need to optimize your spendings and build a cost efficient recruitment strategy.

In 2023, your coworkers are your best asset. Help them easily share your employer branding content and your job ads with their networks and reach up to ten times more potential candidates.

Also, digitize your employee referral program and get up to three times more applications, for free!

And cherry on the cake, by giving visibility to all your colleagues on the open jobs, you actually faster intern mobility. And who knows? Maybe that great talent you are looking for already works for your company.

“I take care of myself to prevent burn-out”

2022 has been a very challenging year for recruiters. A lot of pressure, endless hiring processes, hiring managers who don’t always understand how challenging the market is and also long lasting working hours… Due to those difficulties, one third of you actually considered changing jobs.

In 2023, we need to make your job great again! Highlight the strategic impacts you have for your company. After all, without you, it won’t hire the talent it needs to be successful. But more than tools, it’s actually your relationship with the hiring managers and the board that will make you love your job on a day to day basis and get recognized for your work.

Good news! In 2022, 88% of board members said they were willing to increase their spendings in talent acquisition to support recruitment teams. So, see this opportunity and share ideas so you can make your life better!

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