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Talentry becomes CleverConnect: Two solution portfolios merge into one integrated Candidate Experience Platform

25. April 2023. In June last year, Talentry and CleverConnect announced their merger. Just under a year after the kickoff, the two brands are now merging to form CleverConnect. The goal: to make the merging of the two solution portfolios into a joint Candidate Experience Platform visible to the outside world.
Talentry becomes CleverConnect: Two solution portfolios merge into one integrated Candidate Experience Platform

Candidate-centric: Multi-touchpoint recruitment from a single source

Companies need to invest in the diversity of their recruitment channels in order to meet candidates at the right point in their journey. This is exactly where the Candidate Experience Platform comes in: Smart career pages with personalised and interactive information, employer branding through employee advocacy programmes, recruitment via employee referrals or flexible selection processes thanks to deferred video interviews. These are just a few aspects of a multi-touchpoint approach that revolves around the candidate.

Automation and talent pools for strategically efficient recruitment

Automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks can significantly speed up the recruitment process and improve the candidate experience. Above all, however, capacities are created for recruiters so that they can concentrate on important, value-adding activities such as contact management and active sourcing. At the same time, the sustainable development of a talent pool increases the RoI of recruitment measures. The CleverConnect Candidate Experience Platform is at the heart of this and enables the central storage of candidate data from a wide range of sources, so that recruiters are able to proactively address suitable talents from this treasure trove of data when a vacancy arises.

Talentry becomes CleverConnect: One platform - one name

Why did we decide to unite the Talentry and CleverConnect brands under one name? And what will change as a result?

  1. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. We are working on a fully integrated platform that covers all recruitment phases from candidate approach to the selection and retention of the right employees.
  2. CleverConnect expresses exactly what we are aiming for: Bringing companies together with suitable talent - and vice versa. And we do this in a clever way.
  3. We are a team that has grown together over the past months, using synergies and working on a common product vision.
"Europe is one of the most affected by demographic change and labour shortages in the world. CleverConnect and Talentry have joined forces to meet these challenges with smart HR technology and deep market expertise. We have laid the foundations for this in recent months. Now it is time to continue working on our vision under a common flag. And that flag is CleverConnect."

Carl Hoffmann - COO & Co-Founder - CleverConnect

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