CleverConnect and Rosterfy announce their partnership to revolutionize the recruitment process for both organizations and individuals seeking volunteering opportunities

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By partnering with Rosterfy, CleverConnect delivers a smooth, engaging and unique recruiting experience to volunteers and organisations looking for them. 

Paris, September 27th 2023 – CleverConnect, the European leader of SaaS Talent Acquisition Platform, and Rosterfy, a leading provider of volunteer management software, are proud to announce their partnership. From now on, CleverConnect’s Video Interviewing solution integrates with Rosterfy to explore applications beyond candidates resumes and accelerate the assessment process.

Organisations that recruit volunteers – events, sports, festivals and non-profits – are often facing difficulties, such as a small recruiting team and time constraints. With limited staff to actively search and screen candidates, the process can be longer than intended. Furthermore, recruiting volunteers demands a special focus on candidates’ soft skills.
CleverConnect’s Video Interviewing application allows organisations to efficiently assess the soft skills of potential volunteers remotely and on demand, saving time and resources. Volunteers can record their responses to a set of predefined questions, enabling recruiters to review and evaluate applicants at their convenience..

Thanks to this partnership, CleverConnect and Rosterfy enable organisations to assess, recruit, train, manage and report easily. Organisations equipped with Rosterfy’s platform including CleverConnect’s Video Interviewing application will be more likely to:
– Uncover candidates’ personality through short video introductions
– Save time to recruiters in the selection process thanks to automated recordings
– Speed up the application review (up to 75% less time spent evaluating an application)
– Engage hiring managers in the process
– Offer candidates an innovative and unique experience

CleverConnect’s Video Interviewing application integration into Rosterfy software offers a unique advantage in identifying and assessing volunteers’ soft skills like communication, adaptability, enthusiasm… Recruiters can now effortlessly and quickly assess these crucial skills. And candidates benefit from a first-rate candidate experience, as they can showcase their personalities, motivations and skills more effectively through video applications.

This collaboration is an exciting step forward as it allows us to combine our strengths and dedication to provide organizations with the best recruitment experience possible for both candidates and recruiters.

Xavier Sentuc
Xavier Sentuc VP Alliances & Partnerships CleverConnect

We’re delighted to partner with CleverConnect, their forward-thinking approach to finding solutions to their customers’ needs mirrors our own dedication to developing our platform to ensure we can offer our clients the most intuitive and impactful volunteer management platform available.

Bennett Merriman
Bennett Merriman CEO Rosterfy
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