The key to succeed: increase visibility, attract new candidates, and boost conversion rates

In light of the current talent shortage-ridden labour market, it isn’t surprising that only very few applications may seem to be coming in. There might be more to it, though. Perhaps your job vacancies or your employer brand aren’t getting the visibility your company needs? If candidates can’t see you, how can they apply for your vacancies?

Many companies are also facing cases of application process abandonment. In other words, despite successfully attracting visitors to view job vacancies or browse their career site, either those visitors don’t end up submitting an application, or they drop out of the process after submitting their application.

But there is a solution to avoid missing out. You need to define an Employee Value Proposition to give your company personality, and acquire the right tools to get that personality out there for the job-seeking world to see. Further diversifying your talent acquisition channels is also a great strategy to increase your chances of receiving more applications.

The challenge for our client Zurich’s public transport operator
Traffic generation

We need to be sure that we’ll receive as many applications as possible from specific target groups. To achieve this, we aim to direct traffic towards our career site and make our employer brand stand out more.

This is a challenge which Zurich’s public transport operator is currently facing, and we know that many other companies, including yours perhaps, are too.

Solutions to rake in more applications per vacancy

Applications start flowing in if you succeed in combining 3 key factors: visibility, credibility, and accessibility. This winning trio applies not only for job vacancies, but also for your whole recruiting process. Find out what tools can help you achieve this goal.

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Showcase the best of your employer brand on your career site

Parallels are often drawn between candidates and consumers in that candidates will only send in an application if they feel it is worth their time and energy. The experience you provide your candidates with must therefore be a priority throughout their entire interaction with your employer brand: from the description of your company and its values, to the clarity of your candidate application form, to relevant and neatly written job vacancies. All this can be achieved if your career site is optimised and centred on the candidate experience.

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Leverage talent nurturing to encourage relevant profiles in your candidate pools to apply

Engaging regularly with your talent pools can help you secure a larger number of applications. The better you get to know your talents, their specificities, interests, and professional experience, the better position you’ll be in to contact them with suitable job vacancies. Inspire them to apply by becoming that go-to employer that will spring to mind when they decide they want to start looking for a new job.

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Maximise your credibility with an ambassadors programme

Being noticed is important, but the icing on the cake is to get noticed by those candidates who are a perfect match for your needs. Your own employees are valuable in establishing that link with those rare and highly qualified profiles. When steered in the right direction, they can become precious ambassadors of your employer brand and will contribute to strengthening your company’s credibility.

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