In seconds, our AI pushes the best-suited candidates to help you save time

Be the first in line to contact top talents
Don’t let competitors build ties with candidates who match your criteria. When you publish a job vacancy, it is crucial that you identify relevant candidates immediately, to get the recruitment process rolling.

Paired with your ATS, our AI juxtaposes resume information against data contained in the job posting. Replace manual resume screening time with higher-added-value tasks such as liaising with candidates and conducting interviews.

Save time identifying candidates who are sufficiently qualified to move on to the next stage, and automatically configure their recruitment journey. Don’t miss out on the best talent!

We developed our impartial algorithm to circumvent a number of cognitive biases related to aspects such as resume photos, resume design, university names. Mitigate the risk of missing out on a hidden gem, and select diverse candidate profiles.

Time-to-hire is a major criterion. Leverage matching technology and automatic notifications to save time, and don’t leave candidates waiting.

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of talents wouldn’t have been selected without our matching algorithm


of recruiters prefer matching to Boolean searches


of applications processed, even during mass hiring campaigns


Solid artificial intelligence

Our algorithm was developed more than 10 years ago and is constantly improving. It builds on comprehensive and meaningful databases that are regularly updated.

  • 100,000 professions, skills, diplomas, etc.
  • More than 6 million matching linkages
  • 6 languages to support international recruitments

A solution that works around your processes and tools

Operate your ATS as you always do (create your vacancy, contact selected candidates), and let our AI take care of the rest.

  • Easy to link your ATS to our platform through our API
  • Key vacancy information instantly extracted, processed and sorted
  • Pre-qualified candidate profiles contacted through your ATS, manually or automatically

Automatic job application rating

Our AI automatically rates applications in a transparent manner to show you how it reaches its conclusions and help you make your own decisions.

  • Candidates are sorted based on relevance to position requirements
  • Calculation information is available at all times
  • Matching criteria can be adjusted where necessary

Real-time automated solution

Our platform allows you to automate your hiring processes on a continuous basis, and therefore increase efficiency.

  • Configure automatic alerts to be notified as soon as an application (speculative or in response to a vacancy) comes in
  • Adjust vacancies if necessary based on applications received
  • Automate post-screening stages (for example, make sure all candidates scoring above 80% receive an invitation to submit a pre-recorded video interview)

A unique candidate experience empowered
by our embedded technologies


Customise each candidate’s experience

Mobile optimisation

A seamless experience on all devices


Refresh your content with no extra assistance

AI ownership

More than 10 years of recruitment-specific R&D


With over 50 ATS, HRIS and recruiting software.


Available in 10 languages to reach 5 billion candidates


Performance analysis & experience optimisation

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