Video interviewing

Discover your candidates' personality and motivation through an innovative experience.


AI-optimized CV-scoring

Identify immediately the most relevant applications received for a job with AI, and reach out to them before your competitors.


Talent matching

Avoid sourcing efforts by having our matching technology spot the best fits for a new job within your existing talent pool.


A unique candidate experience empowered
by our embedded technologies


Customise each candidate’s experience

Mobile optimisation

A seamless experience on all devices


Refresh your content with no extra assistance

AI ownership

More than 10 years of recruitment-specific R&D


With over 50 ATS, HRIS and recruiting software.


Available in 10 languages to reach 5 billion candidates


Performance analysis & experience optimisation

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Over 2 500 customers already trust our services

8x less time spent pre-screening applications

As a hiring manager, I feel it is my duty to automate everything that can be automated, so I can focus on the most important tasks, including hiring our future employees. Pre-recorded video interviews have proven to be the perfect solution. They are an effective alternative to telephone interviews, which are particularly time-consuming.

Adrien Servan
Adrien Servan Hiring Manager @Courir

Only 48 hours to send candidate responses

We have high standards when it comes to attitude for our store employees. It is paramount for us at the very start to get a clear idea of the people applying for our positions. Now that the two telephone interview stages have been replaced with pre-recorded interview videos, our recruiters have improved their responsiveness and ability to detect relevant candidate profiles early on.

Camille Leroux
Camille Leroux roup Talent & HRIS Director @SMCP (Sandro)
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