Optimise candidate relationships by focusing on creating pools of fitting profiles

Focus on candidate engagement
Engage your candidates with our CRM solution and take on a more proactive recruiting approach.

Create collaborative talent pools using whichever segmentation approach that aligns with your needs (former employees, students, silver-medallists, candidates, position type, etc.).

Effortlessly set up personalised email campaigns and automatic reminders to stay in touch with candidates within your talent pools and re-engage them.

Monitor data and performance resulting from your actions in order to analyse and optimise future interactions with your candidates.

Adopting a tailored approach to your talent pools guarantees a unique candidate experience.

Talent Pool Nurturing
Some key figures

weeks on average to fill positions facing candidate shortages


email open rate with targeted campaigns


click rate

R+V Insurance

Simplified talent pool creation and management

Seamlessly create candidate pools according to your specific segmentation. Use our practical tag system and automatically assign talents to the appropriate pool. Determine access rights and restrictions for each team member over each pool.


Straightforward campaign management and optimisation

Using templates, create personalised email campaigns with minimum effort, and without involving your marketing team! Leverage your segmentation and use tags to create as many mailing lists as you need to reach the right candidates.


GDPR compliance guaranteed

Seek consent from your candidates as soon as you add them to a talent pool. Set a date for consent renewal, and automate the process.

A unique candidate experience empowered
by our embedded technologies


Customise each candidate’s experience

Mobile optimisation

A seamless experience on all devices


Refresh your content with no extra assistance

AI ownership

More than 10 years of recruitment-specific R&D


With over 50 ATS, HRIS and recruiting software.


Available in 10 languages to reach 5 billion candidates


Performance analysis & experience optimisation

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