Talent sourcing

Optimize the tedious task of sourcing on professional social networks.


Employee referral

Generate more qualified candidates by leveraging your employees' network with a digitized referral program.


Employee advocacy

Make your employees your best ambassadors to spread your employer branding content.


A unique candidate experience empowered
by our embedded technologies


Customise each candidate’s experience

Mobile optimisation

A seamless experience on all devices


Refresh your content with no extra assistance

AI ownership

More than 10 years of recruitment-specific R&D


With over 50 ATS, HRIS and recruiting software.


Available in 10 languages to reach 5 billion candidates


Performance analysis & experience optimisation

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Over 2 500 customers already trust our services

1 in 3 recruits hired using Meteojob!

3 great things about Meteojob? Candidate targeting, the HRMatch tool which reduces search time, and top-quality sales support. We hired a third of our recruits using Meteojob!

Joanne d’Ambrosio
Joanne d’Ambrosio Hiring Manager @COM

+64% applications and +200% hires in 8 weeks

CleverConnect has left a lasting impression on Vodafone Germany. The technical integration of Talentry in our applicant management system only took a few weeks. The project continued at a rapid pace: 64% more applications and 200% more hires in just 8 weeks are really an impressive result.

Anja Bank
Anja Bank Employer Brand Manager @Vodafone

+29% applications and +17% hires through employee referrals

Engineers are among the most sought-after talents on the job market. Talentry is a key tool in helping us identify and successfully hire them. The software is easy to use and offers a state-of-the-art gamification functionality that motivates employees.

Hendrik Doht
Hendrik Doht Business Unit Director @SALT AND PEPPER Technology GmbH & Co. KG
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the best candidate experience,
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