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Our commitment

Recruiting different and sometimes even unusual profiles brings incredible value to a company. We’re convinced of it, which is why we designed our platform to always encourage inclusive recruiting practices. Diversity and inclusiveness lie at the heart of our own recruiting practices, too — something we’re tremendously proud of.


Impartial artificial intelligence to encourage diversity

We developed our AI to avoid human bias, which means our AI only focuses on facts, such as experience and skills. Subjective elements such as photos, names, and interests aren’t taken into account. This artificial intelligence helps recruiters avoid often-unconscious bias at the resume-screening phase.


Unearth those hidden gems

Candidates are so much more than their CV. Our aim is to spark unexpected encounters between candidates and companies. Combined with your expertise, our AI can push profiles that you might never even have pre-selected. Why not give them a chance to win you over in a video interview? Maybe your ideal candidate is just around the corner! Some of our customers consider that one in three of their recruits would never have been identified without our solutions.


Accessible modules

Every candidate must enjoy equal opportunities to join your team. Our platform is built to offer an optimised experience, for all candidates. All our modules are developed with accessibility in mind, and some of our solutions are designed to cater for specific needs. For example, we created Agefiph, a white-label job board for disabled users.


Commitment to diversity, starting with ourselves

We want to build diverse teams of experts and focus more on fairness in doing so. For example, we attach great importance to hiring people with diverse cultural backgrounds because we know how beneficial their vision can be to our innovation process. Our teams are already made up of 30 nationalities, adding value to our solutions and, indirectly… to you!

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