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Global warming, caused in particular by the emission of greenhouse gas, is responsible for an increasing number of natural disasters and ecosystem disruptions. Without meaningful actions, the effects are bound to worsen and there will be no way back. At CleverConnect, we are convinced that global warming is everyone’s business and collective actions within our company can help reduce our impact on the environment while raising awareness among our employees. That's why we conducted a carbon audit and implemented an action plan to reduce our environmental impact.

Impact environnemental, notre engagement

Understanding for better action

Comprendre pour mieux agir

With the assistance of Green Soluce CBRE, CleverConnect conducted its carbon footprint audit in 2021 using the French Environment and Energy Management Agency methodology (ADEME). The aim is to understand which part of our business generates the most CO2 emissions, and to measure and work towards improving our environmental impact.

We have assessed our workers and visitors’ travels, our purchase of goods and services, our buildings’ energy consumption, our waste collection, the distribution of our products, etc.


Identifying the main sources of CO2 emissions

Identifier les sources principales d’émissions de CO2

CleverConnect CO2 gas emissions are estimated at 1 209 tonnes per year. That’s 8 tonnes of CO2 per employee in 2021. That’s 1.3 times the distance flown around the world. It’s equivalent to the annual emissions of 100 people, or burning 450,000 litres of diesel.

As a digital service provider, 77% of our CO2 emissions come from the use of our jobboard and candidates and recruiters applications, and from the services we purchase to create and maintain our solutions (hosting, e-mailing, etc.).
Next come our own behaviors: our electricity consumption in our various offices (7.4%), our means of communications (e-mail, video-conferencing, internet…, 9.8%) and our travel (5%).


Our climate action plan

Notre plan d’action pour le climat

The European Commission has set a target of reducing CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030. CleverConnect is committed to meeting this goal through its Climate Action Plan.

The actions that we identified are:

  • educate and train our employees on the impact of their behaviour,
  • review our business travel policy,
  • extend the lifespan of our electronic equipment,
  • reducing energy consumption in our offices by
  • limiting the use of heating and air conditioning.

Compensate or not compensate our carbon footprint?

Compenser ou pas notre empreinte carbone ?

We have asked ourselves this question. But, we think that is only a part of the solution. What we thrive for, is to improve our behavior toward the environment. We have chosen to take action to reduce our carbon footprint rather than offset for it by buying certificates.

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