Our commitment

We’ve always positioned candidate experience centre stage in our solutions. Our platform meets their expectations, offering a quick, personalised, transparent recruiting journey. In meeting their demands, your company will stand out among the rest – an absolute asset as so many recruiting teams are facing candidate shortages.


Our No. 1 evaluation tool: the impact of our technology on candidates

Our objective ahead of 2030 is to help over 350 million candidates find the right professional opportunities for them – an objective we are particularly committed to, as all of our actions converge towards the same common goal of doubling each year the number of candidates we help.


The candidate satisfaction benchmark

If your candidates are satisfied, then you’ll be happy too. Either they’ll become great employees, or they’ll find a place in your pool of actionable talents. Candidate satisfaction as they engage with our modules is measured at every step of the process to help you better understand their expectations.


Candidates help us improve the tools you use

We’ve always drawn our inspiration from the actions of the millions of active candidates across our job boards. Analysing their preferences and behaviours allows us to adjust our algorithm. And thanks to additional surveys, workshops, and user tests, we’re able to constantly improve our understanding of their needs, and therefore your goals!


Our candidates are our first testers

To understand the impact our platform has on candidates and test new features, we always use our platform to do our own hiring, and it’s been a success! We’ve now grown to a fantastic team of over 300 motivated expert employees in 5 European countries, spanning more than 30 nationalities. Our amazing recruiters attracted half of our workforce in under 9 months – with that little extra boost from our technology, naturally.

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