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Our commitment

Initially developed more than a decade ago, our technology builds on daily data collected from approximately forty job sites we manage. This means its repository is always up to date and adapts to the market. Our AI is also capable of supporting data collection & reading (parsing), structuring the data and establishing links (matching) so you can quickly identify and get to know the talents your company needs.


Our own ever-improving artificial intelligence

We own our artificial intelligence and related technologies, and that’s what makes it unique. We’ve been improving our AI for more than 10 years (that’s 50,000 man-days!) and continue to enhance it every day with new structured elements, new language adaptation features, increased understanding of resume syntax against market trends, algorithm updates based on user feedback, etc. Our AI is on a constant learning curve thanks to you!


Quality parsing technology

Our parsing technology enables automatic and instantaneous resume and vacancy reading. It pulls content, makes sense of it, and structures the information. The resulting structure provides the basis for our AI to then identify the best candidate profiles for each vacancy. Successful matching relies on this qualified understanding of information.


Matching based on more and more comprehensive data

Our advanced matching technology establishes meaningful links between job vacancies and candidate profiles. Our repository holds more than 100,000 structured elements (jobs, skills, degrees, qualifications, etc.) that are interconnected with millions of linkages. Available in 6 languages, this data enables you to generate matches between job offers and applications, and helps candidates find job offers that fit their profile.


Compatible with multiple environments

Our artificial intelligence has proven its effectiveness in numerous environments : integrated with your ATS; on our French job board Meteojob and our white-label job boards; but also on the Career sites we develop for our customers, where our AI takes the form of a smart job search plugin for visitors. Conversion boost guaranteed!

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