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European by nature and Global by design, we create state-of-the-art talent acquisition solutions that place candidates at the heart of the hiring experience, to connect you to success.

What drives us?

Our mission is to provide fulfilling job opportunities for everyone.

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Our company was born from a series of changes,
just like the world of recruiting.

Two HR software companies unite to consolidate an expert positioning

The job matching website Meteojob turned 7 this year, and pre-recorded video interview solution Visiotalent recently turned 2. At a time when recruiting tools were flourishing left, right, and centre, it only made sense to develop a solution suite aimed at facilitating every step in the hiring process.

Marko Vujasinovic, Meteojob founder and Gonzague Lefebvre & Louis Coulon, Visiotalent co-founders, joined forces to provide their customers with an opportunity to leverage a series of tools to improve their recruiting practices.

65 employees came together as the pioneers of a brand new company.

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A unique brand is created to support companies in their recruiting processes

Offering stand-alone solutions to customers began to no longer meet the bill. Recruiters were facing difficulties such that they required assistance at a more global level to help them navigate the entire process. More and more customers shared their struggles relating to international hiring.

CleverConnect was founded in response to all of these challenges, as a symbol of the necessary connection between recruiters and candidates every step of the journey.

100 employees began developing a global support solution for companies.

Complementary solutions are developed to improve each step of the recruitment process

Recruiting challenges started to become increasingly complex. Some recruiters were overwhelmed with resumes and frantically looking for a way to accelerate screening, while others faced candidate shortages and focused on improving brand attractiveness.

This is why our teams worked hard designing more than one technology: parsing and matching technology to identify the best candidates through our AI, and Career site launches to help attract applicants.

By that time, we had 130 employees contributing to enhancing our recruiting solutions to support recruiters at such pivotal moments.

Activity on the European market takes a leap

More and more European companies started putting their trust in our services, convinced by our “glocal” approach. With each country having its own specificities when it comes to recruiting (recruiter practices, candidate expectations, culture, etc.), we centred our focus around designing solutions capable of catering for these “glocal” needs.

We fully grasped the importance for companies to work with tech partners that were able to adapt to them and to their expectations. We successfully managed to raise funds in order to achieve these goals.

We grew to 180 employees, representing us in several European countries to support customers in need.

Europe’s leading recruiting platform

After the pandemic, candidate focus shifted beyond the need to simply find a job. Candidates now aspire to meaning within their profession, fulfilment, work-life balance. They also expect quick, smooth, transparent recruiting processes. As a result, companies need to accommodate these changing demands, and offer experiences that meet candidate expectations as best as possible in order to win them over.

And that’s precisely what we intend to offer through our Candidate Experience Platform, born out of a partnership with Talentry, CRM leader in Germany. This year, Talentry founder and CEO Carl Hoffmann became cofounder of CleverConnect.

Today, nearly 300 employees contribute to enhancing our leading European SaaS candidate experience platform.

Our leadership team

Marko Vujasinovic
Marko Vujasinovic CEO & Co-founder
Carl Hoffmann
Carl Hoffmann Co-founder
Gonzague Lefebvre
Gonzague Lefebvre CFO & co-founder
Louis Coulon
Louis Coulon Brand Ambassador & co-founder
Jeremy Leleu
Jeremy Leleu Chief Revenue Officer
Stéphane Cinguino
Stéphane Cinguino Chief Product & Technology Officer
Patricia de Tinguy
Patricia de Tinguy Chief People Officer
Xavier Seres
Xavier Seres Chief Financial Officer
Manuel Virzi
Manuel Virzi Chief Marketing Officer
Romuald Restout
Romuald Restout Senior VP Product
Xavier Sentuc
Xavier Sentuc VP Alliances & Partnerships
Stéphane Brunner
Stéphane Brunner VP Global Sales
Nourredine Benhammani
Nourredine Benhammani VP Sales (France)
Clelia Lancelot
Clelia Lancelot VP Customer Experience
Dario D'Odorico
Dario D'Odorico Regional Director Italy & Spain
Benjamin Jailly
Benjamin Jailly Engineeing Director
Patrice Pichereau
Patrice Pichereau Chief of Architecture
Cedric Comtet
Cedric Comtet HR Manager
Roman Farcy
Roman Farcy Head of M&A
Anne Perrin
Anne Perrin Chief Impact Officer

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