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Hire faster: activate your talent pools

CleverConnect is a cloud software, which helps you to attract and engage top talent:
fill your talent pools with potential candidates and engage them at scale.
offer tailored opportunities to candidates - just when you need them.
track all your relevant recruiting KPIs, fully integrated with your ATS.
Hire faster: activate your new talent pools.

We already connect more than 1,000 companies...

The art of recruitment is evolving.
You need to adapt your Talent Acquisition strategy:

The art of recruitment is evolving


Don't suffer from candidate shortage: create your own sourcing channel with talent pools that can be activated as soon as you need them.


Build segmented pools and feed them with qualified talents from: career site, referral, social networks, job fairs, etc.


Engage these talents on a long-term basis with regular, personalized communications: they'll apply more easily because they already know you.


Build real relationships of trust with these potential candidates to turn them into ambassadors: you're raising your employer brand's visibility.


Equip your team with tools to implement and automate these Candidate Relationship Management actions: our platform and its modules can be integrated into your ATS and HRIS ecosystem in less than 8 weeks.  

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HR professional seeking for a swift and efficient hiring process trust CleverConnect for its custom automation, controlled AI, and European expertise.