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We cherish our European identity in knowing all too well that recruiting practices are different in Italy compared to Germany, France, or elsewhere. Our global solutions also adapt to the specificities of each market. Our local offices are as close to our customers as possible, to optimise our understanding of your needs and habits, in your own language.


A multilingual platform that supports all local contexts

French, English, German, Spanish, Italian… Our modules speak several languages. But we take things even further: our platform is designed to also cater to the specificities of each country, including cultural context and local recruiting practices. Our platform suits everyone’s specificities.

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A team on hand to maintain strong ties

One of our key strengths is being able to meet you wherever you may be. Our teams speak over 10 languages and are based in 5 European countries. Their diverse roles assist you through every step of your journey with us: Sales, Customer Care, Alliances… In each country, our project managers make sure our solutions are meeting your needs.


Candidate-company connections worldwide

Although our teams are based in Europe, our modules are used in forty-or-so countries across the world. Already 100,000 recruiters with similar needs to yours use our platform, and candidates from more than 100 countries have enjoyed a rewarding experience thanks to us.


A network of local partners expanding daily

Our dedicated team establishes valuable partnerships with actors in the HR field (ATS, HRIS, consultants, agencies, etc.) everywhere in the world, because we know you’re used to working with local partners who are familiar with your needs and priorities – just like us.

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