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8 tips for original job descriptions

Job descriptions are a reflection of a company’s employer brand, and they play a crucial role in attracting talent. Original job postings that align with the brand image you want to spotlight are a great way of standing out next to everyone else.

Job descriptions are the perfect opportunity for recruiters to showcase the identity, values, mindset, philosophy, and work environment of the company, from an internal standpoint.

First impressions start in the job title

The trend for some time used to be to come up with original – even eccentric – job titles, like Content Rockstar, UX Design Guru, Coding Ninja, Padawan Developer, etc.

Recruiters have now returned to more conventional job titles, often in English even in non-English-speaking countries. Among these:

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Inbound Marketer

Of course, the catchier the title, the more attention the posting will draw, provided the title is explicit and meaningful enough to make candidates want to click on it to find out more.

There are two drawbacks to focusing on catchiness:

  • Using an original job title means it won’t be found easily by search engines or automatic matching solutions. Typically, no one ever searches for “Code Ninja” expecting to find a job vacancy.
  • The more original the job title is, the less chance the vacancy has of drawing the attention of a large number of candidates. Although some such job titles may attract Gen-Y and Gen-Z candidates, they can just as easily put more experienced candidates off applying.

The best thing to do is to use a clear and inclusive title (use Waiter/Waitress instead of just Waiter, for example).

Attention-grabbing introductions

Sometimes a single sentence can make all the difference, as long as it is effective.
A job posting introduction along the lines of… “A market leader in its industry, [Company] is hiring sales representatives”… has fallen into something of a cliché.

Here are a few ideas to help you get the point across right from the start and trigger action on the part of candidates (to find out more).

  • “[Company] is first and foremost a community of business experts who all share the same desire to surpass their objectives. If you’re always up for a challenge, and thrive in outperforming yourself to reach your goals, then join our team of experts!”
  • “Are you an expert in Javascript, SQL, PHP, and Symfony? If coding is part of your DNA – a passion, and so much more than a skill – then join our tech stack. All we’re missing is you!”
  • “Is this Business Developer role the perfect job for you? Do you have a hunter’s instinct and enjoy embracing new challenges? Are you praised for your tenacity and immense strength of conviction? If the answer’s yes, then here’s a job for you.”

Some recruiters, like temping platform PAF1TAF, leverage humour and sarcasm to make their job vacancies stand out.

Annonce de API Restauration sur Meteojob

But above all, in its job postings, the agency provides crucial information on its employer brand, stating that soft skills (motivation, interpersonal skills) are just as important as experience. This is a great way of demonstrating open-mindedness right from the beginning of the job description.

Including emojis in job postings

Highly popular on social media platforms, emojis are increasingly used in job postings. The colourful graphic designs bring a touch of fun and a dash of boldness to the description, and do wonders in catching people’s eye.

💪 Strong sense of initiative
🎯 Looking for a challenge
👌 Goal-oriented
💰💰 Let’s talk salary
🙌 Shall we meet and discuss?
👉👇 Head this way to apply

Be careful not to overdo it, though. Only use emojis when it appears consistent with the vacancy you’re advertising and you know it will be beneficial. For example, emojis can help structure a job posting and make it easier to read and access.

Casualness in job postings

Far from being a sign of disrespect for candidates, an informal address (second-person singular instead of second-person plural in French, for example) are becoming more and more popular in job descriptions. What best practices are there for leveraging an informal style? It depends on the company culture and the type of candidates you want to attract.

As a general rule, your job posting will set the tone. Addressing candidates in a casual manner is popular among start-ups looking to attract young graduates, millennials, web addicts, Gen-Zs. And to grab their attention, you need to speak their language.

Are you a passionate team player and want to embark on a new adventure? Our blooming company welcomes you with open arms. Your job? Here’s all you need to know. If you can relate to this job description, send us your application and maybe you’ll be next to join our team!

For candidates who are drawn to fast-moving companies or start-ups, an informal address can act as an icebreaker and foster engagement early on in the process. And of course, if you choose to adopt an informal style in your job description, you should stick to it during the interview stage.

Be aware, however, that applying an informal tone doesn’t mean you should approach candidates as if they were your friends. Always demonstrate professional respect towards your candidates.

Images to boost job posting effectiveness

Candidates actively seeking a job sometimes view dozens and dozens of job postings every day. Whilst rapidly scanning text content, any photos included on the page will catch their eye.

Companies can choose to feature images of their offices, teams, or individual employees at work. And to add an extra touch of authenticity, some companies choose to showcase informal everyday moments that will appeal to candidates: coffee breaks on the terrace, afterwork get-togethers, corporate seminars, etc.

Job site Meteojob features a special section that showcases workplace photos, videos of employees, vacant positions in France (on an interactive map), and main business activities.

API Restauration in Meteojob

Photos have more than earned their place in job descriptions like this one published by Api Restauration.

Videos to reveal company culture

Videos are another media format that enhances job descriptions.

In the form of interviews, companies can set the tone by passing on the mic to HR teams, employees or the CEO. Videos convey positive sentiment that encourages candidates to submit an application.

In this video (in French), Cuisinella paints a personal and professional portrait of one of its employees, Laura:

In just under a minute and a half, employees at Chronoflex outline 7 reasons for joining the company:

Producing videos isn’t cheap, so we recommend you keep the focus on one of the company’s central lines of business instead of offering a general presentation of the company.

Pocket versions of job postings for social media

Recruiting campaigns abound on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Snapchat. Sponsored job postings on these social networks must be adapted to the format required by each platform and target audience.

To capture candidates’ attention, posts must remain short and to-the-point, feature visually appealing content, and include a clear call to action.


Stories for sharing time-bound job offers

Affluent messaging app Snapchat was the first to popularise “stories” (vertical images with a 24-hour lifespan). Stories have since been introduced on all social media platforms, combining video content, simple text content, GIFs, and stickers.

The tone of voice in stories is often less polished and more spontaneous than the tone used in permanent posts. Stories that promote job opportunities aim to encourage candidates to apply within a short timeframe.


Insurance company Axa and telecommunications giant Bouygues Telecom use stories to attract junior profiles and candidates looking for work placements. A good choice of talent acquisition channel takes into account the type of candidate you’re looking to hire.

More recently, temp agency Proman even took a gamble and launched a recruiting campaign on Tinder. Using similar graphics to the dating app, Proman hopes to attract Gen-Z candidates.


Of course, some of these practices don’t apply to all companies, neither do they apply to all job types. Think of this list of tips as a source of ideas you can pick and choose from according to your needs.


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