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The key to succeed: investing in solutions that save money in the long term

Recruitment budgets don’t always match the performance objectives of Talent Acquisition teams, especially as costs can quickly become more important depending on the profiles sought. It’s hard to recruit efficiently with reduced budgets at the beginning of the year and regular budget cuts as the year goes on.

Every year you may invest a lot of money, especially in sourcing new talent. Most of the time, these investments will only be useful for specific current positions and will not be used for future job postings. It’s a shame for your commitment… and for your budget.

All you need to do is rethink your investments so that part of your costs are used for all your recruitments for the years to come. Some tools allow you to improve your recruitment processes, by automating tasks, but also by preparing your future sourcing needs, without having to invest twice when they arise.

The challenge for VBZ

We needed to find out how to strengthen our approach to employer brand content and how to save money on our HR marketing budget. We managed to reduce this budget by 40% through an ambassador programme.

This is a challenge which VBZ is currently facing, and we know that many other companies are too, perhaps yours included.

Solutions to optimise your recruitment costs

Although it is not always possible to predict which positions will be open in the months and years to come, it is possible to anticipate them as much as possible. To do this, consider investing in tools that significantly reduce sourcing costs: your recruitment strategy will be proactive and long-term.

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Reduce sourcing costs with employee referrals

Imagine getting qualified candidates without spending time and money on sourcing channels. That’s what referrals can do. By implementing a digital employee referral programme, you are investing for years to come by adding a high-quality channel to your acquisition strategy. It will only cost you the referral bonuses, which you pay to your referrers only if the potential candidate is successfully recruited.

Find out more about employee referral

Optimise your employer brand investments with an ambassador programme

Who could be a better advertiser than an employee’s positive opinion of how well you take care of your workforce? You can reduce the investment in your brand exposure and awareness by leveraging your ambassador programme. Your employees become your advocates and help you spread your branded content, without the expense!

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Leverage your sourced talent by engaging with them regularly through talent nurturing

The sourcing work done by your recruitment team should not be a one-off action, not only in terms of time spent but also in terms of budget. When a talent is identified for a position, it may not necessarily be recruited in the end. However, it will have cost you money to find them: leverage this talent by adding them to your network. The nurturing efforts that you will make are fully automated thanks to a CRM (candidate relationship management) tool.

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