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The ideal candidate for your vacancy might already be in your talent pool — our AI can pick them out for you.

Make the most of your candidate pool to hire the right people
Minimise your sourcing efforts Our AI instantly identifies profiles in your talent pool that are best suited to a specific job vacancy. You already know who they are — our AI helps you save time and energy selecting the very best. All you have left to do is share your vacancy with them.

Analysing talent pools as a preliminary step to sourcing allows you to mitigate costs you might incur in activating acquisition channels. Time-consuming, you say? Not anymore, thanks to our AI.

Don’t wait for applications to start coming in! Any time you save in stages such as vacancy publication and resume sorting can be redirected towards efforts to source the rarest talents. What’s in it for you? A higher ROI.

You already know your talents. And familiarity on their part towards your brand and values enhances their motivation to join the team. Invite them to apply for vacancies that meet their aspirations.

Candidates, silver-medallists, former employees, etc. — each profile in your talent pool is of potential interest. Our algorithm makes sure no one falls through the cracks.

Talent matching
Some key figures

time saved on sourcing


of recruiters initiate pool searches using our AI


data elements processed for top-quality matching


High-performance artificial intelligence

Our algorithm has undergone constant updates and improvements over the past few years to optimise data processing.

  • Vacancies are analysed in seconds
  • All talent pool profiles or specific groups undergo rapid scanning
  • The most suitable profiles are pushed based on a rating system

In-depth resume and job vacancy analysis

Not only does our algorithm read data to match candidates in your pool with job vacancies, it also:

  • Uses parsing technology based on a comprehensive framework
  • Makes sense of resume syntax against specific positions and the market
  • Establishes more than 6 million linkages for state-of-the-art matching

Instantaneous, transparent selection of the best candidates

Data analysis is broken down into categories, giving you access to all of the criteria to help you understand exactly how the scoring system works.

  • Profile-vacancy matching rates generated instantaneously
  • Rating system explained by criteria
  • Recruiters can refine search criteria

AI compatibility with your ATS

Do you already use tools that support your recruitment endeavours? What we offer to do is supplement your existing ecosystem — we’ll always adjust to your needs.

  • An API that’s easy to implement
  • Automation to save time
  • Candidate data safeguarding

A unique candidate experience empowered
by our embedded technologies


Customise each candidate’s experience

Mobile optimisation

A seamless experience on all devices


Refresh your content with no extra assistance

AI ownership

More than 10 years of recruitment-specific R&D


With over 50 ATS, HRIS and recruiting software.


Available in 10 languages to reach 5 billion candidates


Performance analysis & experience optimisation

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