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The key to succeed: optimise time spent on the prequalification and qualification phases

In some industries and for specific talent profiles, the amount of applications received can turn into a colossal challenge for recruiting teams.

And unfortunately, high numbers of applications go hand in hand with high numbers of not-so-motivated candidates. Resume screening is time-consuming and such a low-added-value task that as recruiters waste time, their recruitment drive plummets. As if that wasn’t enough, time-to-hire increases for candidates, taking a toll on their experience with the company.

If one of the biggest HR challenges you’re currently facing is to increase the productivity of your recruiting teams, then the solution is to save time on qualification and prequalification tasks.

The challenge for our client Leroy Merlin
The right process

Due to high staff turnover in our Greater Paris locations, we were faced with the need to hire en masse, and as quickly as possible. We urgently needed to improve our recruiting processes, while optimising the candidate selection process.

While increasing productivity is a challenge for Leroy Merlin, we know many other companies are facing it too, maybe yours included.

Solutions for selecting qualified candidates more efficiently

How can you screen your mountain of applications in such a way as to only end up spending time with the most relevant and motivated candidates? There are several tools you can leverage in order to increase efficiency and better qualify the applications you receive.

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Pick out the most motivated candidates with pre-recorded video interviews

Assessing a candidate’s motivation when hundreds of applications are waiting to be processed is a tough call. Consider leveraging pre-recorded video interviews as a preliminary strategy to narrowing down the volume of applications you receive. Only those who are really interested in joining your company will be willing to answer your questions. This also means you’ll be able to assess the recordings when it best suits you. And you will definitely find you spend less time watching candidate videos than you would otherwise spend setting up and conducting multiple first-stage interviews.

More about pre-recorded video interviews

Focus on the most qualified profiles with CV scoring

It is becoming increasingly easy to rely on artificial intelligence to assist the human intelligence of recruiting teams. As recruiters decide on selection criteria, algorithms then take care of the rest, automatically putting forward the most relevant profiles among hundreds of applications. Not only is this a huge time saver, but it also allows you to be the first to contact the best talent!

More about CV scoring

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