The key to succeed: increasing the efficiency of recruitment teams at every step of the process

The sustainability of a business relies on many elements, but the ability to recruit and retain skilled and motivated employees has a major impact. Obviously, recruitment teams have a strategic role and actively contribute to the overall performance of the company.

However, some recruiters suffer from recruitment processes that are too long, too complex, and too time-consuming. These poorly optimised processes are detrimental to the performance of the recruitment teams and therefore to the company’s performance. They also have a negative impact on the candidate experience. And yet, the candidate experience is paramount!

New techniques and tools are available to improve each step of your recruitment process. Automation can be a real time-saver and can be reinvested in improving your candidate experience. AI can also become a real asset to help with qualification missions for example, while humanintelligence remains the framework to support recruitment teams.

Gi Group’s challenge (interim & general recruitment)

Given the competitive and increasingly complex market, we had to adapt to change. One of our objectives was to ensure that the recruiters in our agencies had the means to be more efficient to provide more value to our clients and candidates.

This is a challenge which Gi Group is currently facing, and we know that many other companies are too, perhaps yours included.

Solutions for more efficient recruitment processes

Time is everything for recruiters. In the current context of candidate shortage, wasting several hours on repetitive tasks with no added value is no longer an option. Our tools, together with ATS (Applicant Tracking System), save time on automatable tasks and use algorithms to help recruiters achieve their goals at every step of the process: attracting talent, engaging them, and then selecting the best candidate.

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Attract top talent to your network

Sourcing candidates can be extremely time-consuming and is not always as efficient as it could be. With our solutions, you introduce powerful sourcing channels to your strategy. They will require less time from recruitment teams and will also deliver more qualified profiles.

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Build a lasting relationship with your candidates

Do you spend a lot of time convincing talents to apply? Do you get visits to your career website but only a few applications? Perhaps you can use our tools (career website, CRM, recruitment events…) to engage these talents more easily and offer them the candidate experience they deserve.

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Quickly identify the best profiles for your open positions

The time spent by recruiters on pre-qualification (at least 90 minutes according to Think Tank HR) and selection steps is massive. It is one of their most time-consuming tasks. The time wasted reviewing CVs and applications could be optimised thanks to scoring and matching technologies, but also to tools that go beyond CVs, such as pre-recorded video interviews.

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