The key to succeed: extend your search to a wide-ranging network of passive candidates

When seeking rare talent, you’re bound to face fierce competition. Rare profiles combine skills, experience and specialised expertise that are so sought after that they are often either already employed or overwhelmed by demand. These passive talents are hard to reach, in particular because they’re not actively seeking new professional opportunities and therefore aren’t applying for vacancies.

The job vacancies which recruiting teams publish often get drowned in an ocean of job postings from competitors. Don’t just stand idly by waiting for the spoonful of candidates who match your criteria to submit an application.

Attracting passive candidates, giving them good reason to apply, and convincing them to accept your offer is possible. To get there, you need to embrace the right recruiting strategy and appropriate tools.

The challenge for our client SALT AND PEPPER
Rare talent

Engineers are some of the most sought-after talents on the job market. We needed a solution that would help us track down these rare profiles and successfully hire them.

This is a challenge which SALT AND PEPPER is currently facing, and we know that many other companies are too, perhaps yours included.

Solutions to attract qualified passive candidates

Looking for rare talents to enhance your teams and contribute to your company’s success? We bring you good news: these profiles DO exist. You just need to leverage appropriate sourcing channels to find and approach them. Then, with the help of digital tools designed to improve the quality of candidate experiences, it’ll be up to you to provide them with the best experience to convince them to apply.

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Tap into the networks of your own employees by introducing employee referrals

Implementing an employee referral programme will allow you to reach relevant passive candidates via your own employees. Not only will they act as ambassadors to your company, they’ll also be a trusted source to convince potential candidates to apply for a position. If you provide them with the right resources, they’ll start supplying qualified candidates and will help you keep your hiring costs under control.

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Further diversify your talent acquisition channels through sourcing

Using a plug-in that works on all browsers, you can import entire profiles from professional networks in order to increase your sources of potential candidates. That way, you maximise your chances of digging up the precious gem of a talent you need. And here’s an added bonus: you get to easily manage candidate consent and monitor candidates on a unique platform along with all your other candidates.

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Maximise target engagement with talent nurturing

The ideal candidate might be hiding somewhere in your talent pools. If you nurture your talents through regular communication, personalised messaging, relevant information, etc., you can convince candidates to submit an application simply by sending them a link to your job vacancy. With proactive recruiting becoming the new normal, it’s up to you to reach out to the right talent at the right time.

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Improve your candidate experience with a Smart career site

Drawing passive candidates to your job vacancies is a big challenge. If you want to make sure they actually apply, their candidate experience needs to be outstanding at every step of the recruiting process. Good quality career sites offer seamless candidate journeys and digital features that make the application process that extra bit easier.

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