The key to succeed: acquire appropriate candidate assessment and selection tools

Tracking down the right talent among all the applications you receive and in your existing candidate pools isn’t always a straightforward endeavour. Recruiting teams often have to deal with the rift between hiring manager expectations and the reality of the marketplace for potential candidates.

Recruiters therefore need to sometimes wear their teacher’s hat to help hiring managers better comprehend the situation – the best candidate isn’t simply whoever has the most skills, but the candidate whose profile best suits the position. Competencies aren’t the only thing that must be taken into consideration: the candidate’s personality and mindset are just as important.

The good news is that there are tools out there to help recruiters see beyond a candidate’s resume and make sure the candidate has what it takes to meet everyone’s expectations in the long run.

The challenge for our client Leroy Merlin
The right candidate

We can’t afford to miss out on interesting candidates. When we opened a new location, we realised that 30% of the candidates we ended up hiring wouldn’t have been selected if we had based our assessment solely on their resume.

While finding suitable candidates is a challenge for Leroy Merlin, we know many other companies are facing it too, maybe yours included.

Solutions to track down the ideal candidate for a specific position

Each job vacancy needs to have its own selection criteria, which hiring managers and recruiters need to agree upon. Selecting the right person for a job necessarily involves assessing and preselecting individuals. Guess what? There are plenty of tools to help you quickly and easily identify the criteria you’re looking for in a candidate – be it hard skills, soft skills, or experience.

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Single out the best profiles based on their soft skills through pre-recorded video interviews

When you’re prequalifying or selecting a candidate, don’t stop exclusively at the information they include in their CV. Resumes are seldom enough to evaluate someone’s personality, motivation, or even suitability with regard to company values. Pre-recorded video interviews can complement the resume screening and pre-interview phase, and in some cases, they can even replace that phase altogether. Pre-recorded video interviews work wonders in helping you select only those profiles that are relevant to the position you’re looking to fill.

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Identify the best profiles for the vacancy in no time thanks to CV scoring

Defining key criteria is already one big step forward in identifying the best profile for the position you need to fill. These criteria will allow you to save precious time if you combine them with artificial intelligence to pick out the best candidates among the applications you will have received. The best part? You can configure different criteria for each job vacancy, allowing for greater precision for each of the profiles you’re on the lookout for.

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Open up the process to quality candidates who don’t plan to apply

What if your ideal candidate doesn’t apply? They might very well be one of the candidates you had interviewed for a past vacancy, or they may be among those you met at a job fair, for example. CV matching is a quick and easy technique to help you find who in your talent pool best fits your specific criteria. This way, you can be sure you won’t miss out on your ideal candidate.

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