Video Interviews

Save time in the candidate pre-screening phase

Say goodbye to endless piles of CVs and hours on the phone.

With a pre-recorded video interview, offered as a replacement or as a preliminary for the physical meeting, you can save a considerable amount of time in the candidate preselection phase.

By integrating video interviews into your recruitment process, you also provide a more interactive and dynamic experience to your candidates.

video interview
Notre outil SaaS s'interconnecte à la majorité des ATS

Our Saas tool interacts with the majority of the ATSs on the market

How does it work?

For recruiters


Formulate your questions

Create your questionnaire using a library of questions already saved in our data base (arranged according to job type and the skills to be evaluated) or by writing them independently, then send out invites automatically or manually.


Access the videos your candidates have created

Real-time alerts will invite you to watch any new videos your candidates have submitted on your personal Visiotalent account or on your ATS.


Evaluate and share with your in-house team

Once you have viewed the video and read any written responses, you can annotate the profile and then share the file with the relevant teams, so that you can exchange your thoughts and respond to the candidate.

How does it work?

For candidates


The candidates receive a personalised email alert inviting them to login to the platform and complete their video interview.


The candidates can login whenever and wherever they like to a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet device.


The candidates can test their device and have practice runs before getting started. This phase allows them to familiarise themselves with the exercise, giving them the best chance of success.


Collaborative evaluation

A candidate’s file can be shared with all the relevant parties (HR managers, supervisors, etc.) who can share their opinions.


Time configuration

Preparation time, response time (measured in seconds) and the time-limit for replying (measured in days) are all configurable.


Additional tests

Requests for written responses, language tests or technical tests can be added to the end of the video interview to verify certain skills.



All visual elements can be adapted to suit your brand identity. You can also personally prepare welcome and thank you messages in video format.

Données statistiques


The admin console allows you to view sent and declined invites, completed videos, applicants awaiting responses or past the deadline as well as any successful candidates.

Bibliothèque de questions

Library of questions

Access to a generator of more than 250 questions arranged by profession and by evaluation criteria (motivation, personality, etc.).

Automatisation de l'envoi d'invitation

Automate job invites

Thanks to enhanced interconnections with your ATS, inviting candidates to sign into the platform can be done automatically.



The platform is accessible in 8 languages and a recruitment drive can contain several languages at once.

Sécurisation des données

Data protection

Compliance with GDPR, data encryption, and protection against external attacks.

Live video interviews

Our video interview solution is also available live.

live video interview

Give your employees the opportunity to share their mobility plans via video

internal mobility

Why not suggest the video format to employees who want to change their role within your company?
In this way, employees express their desire to change position and their reasons behind their decision, all while consolidating their attachment to your company.
Mobility teams watch the video and quickly analyse how the employee’s skills can be put to good use in other posts, before sharing it with HR managers to find the best opening.

Pre-recorded video interviews also allow you to...

motivation levels

soft skills

Standardise recruitment processes

Promote your
employer brand

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