Optimise your talent pool and your applicant scoring system

Find the best profiles available instantly

Automate the pre-screening process with the help of our rapid analysis of both your existing talent pool and your incoming applications.

Even speculative applications, often left untouched, can be reviewed and matched to the job offers available.

Optimise your talent pool
Talent Pool

All too often overlooked, an optimised talent pool can save you a considerable amount of time.

Job offer analysis

Input your job opening into your ATS. Key information is extracted, processed, and indexed instantaneously by our algorithm.

Making contact

Contact pre-screened applicants directly from your ATS.

Immediate selection of the best candidates

Find the shortlist of the best candidates from your talent pool and if need be, refine your matching criteria.

Automated evaluation

A match percentage is automatically attributed to every new incoming application.

Spreading the word

To increase your candidate flow (and therefore your chances of finding the right person for the job) publish your job posting on your social networks and job sites too.

A real-time solution

Configure your automatic alerts to receive, in real-time, the new profiles entering your talent pool.
If incoming applicants do not fully meet your requirements, simply adjust the information on your job offer.

of the selected candidates would not have been found by recruiters without the matching tool
2 minutes
saved when making contact with each candidate
of recruiters find matching simpler than Boolean searches
of users find Cleverconnect’s solution easy to use, intuitive, and fast

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