Smart career website

Our smart career website is a fully-customizable recruitment platform that efficiently converts visitors to your website into qualified candidates.

Smart career website Cleverconnect
The smart career website can be adapted to your visitors’ needs and is directly integrated into your in-house ATS to make recruiting easy and help recruiters save precious time during the pre-qualification phase.
Various search possibilities (by geolocation, job profession, résumé submission, or keyword)
Various search possibilities
Enhanced hob offers
Enhanced job offers with videos and image support
Applications can be sent as easily on a computer as on a smartphone, with or without a resume
Easy applications
Chatbot Smart career website
A Chatbot to answer the most frequently asked questions
Accessible to users with
visual impairments
New job offer
Simplified registration for matching alerts for future positions
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Navigate easily, search instantly, and submit resumes instantaneously. Your visitors won't have any reason to put off applying for a job.

If they’re still not sure they want to apply today, keep in touch with them and match them with the right job as soon as a new opportunity arises.
Navigation fluide site carrière intelligent
    Have vacancies filled faster
    Better convert hard-to-find profiles
    Save time pre-qualifying high-volume hires
    Lower candidate sourcing costs via external channels
    Increase your visibility on search engines
Offer an optimized application process with our smart career site’s many features.
Accessibilité des offres

Accessibility support

Make your career site accessible to disabled candidates with a feature enabling font sizes and contrasts to be adjusted.
Annonces indexées sur les moteurs de recherche

Ad indexing on search engines

Increase your visibility in search engines by having your job offers indexed through Google Job Search.
Contenu enrichi

Enhanced content

Customize job offers by category. Suggest different types of content when addressing a salesperson, a developer, or an accountant.
Expérience mobile sans CV

Resume-free mobile experience

Simplify how candidates apply with a CV-free application that can be activated for candidates applying on mobile devices.
Retargeting d'offres

Job offer retargeting

Retarget an offer that a visitor has previously shown interest in.
Historique des visites

View statistics

View the most recent job opportunities that your candidates have viewed. It’s always nice to be remembered!
Les bonnes offres en 1 clic

The right job in 1 click

Give candidates the opportunity to see all relevant job offers that match their profile by uploading their resume in one click.
Multiples modes de recherches d’offres

Multiple ways to search for jobs

Let the candidate choose the way he/she searches for an job: by sector of activity, location or type of contract (training program, internship).
Alerte matching

Matching Alerts

Keep your candidates interested by automatically sending them pertinent new opportunities by email. Keep your future recruits in the know.
Traitement des candidatures spontanées

Processing spontaneous applications

Automate each spontaneous application by comparing it with your current offers through matching: no more applications left unanswered.
Candidatures sans formulaire

Simplified applications

Candidates won’t have to fill out tedious question boxes. All relevant information is extracted directly from the candidate’s resume.


Guide your candidates throughout their search and have a chatbot answer their questions. Guaranteed easy, quick, and user-friendly.


On average, offers are viewed 1.5 times more.


Double up on converting hard-to-find profiles.


Gain a third of your time spent sorting through large amounts of applications.
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