Smart Career Website

Source, convert and assess your candidates in one place

Intelligent career websites are fully customisable and high-performance platforms for attracting, engaging and assessing your future talent.

The candidate experience is a reflection of your employer brand. It should not be overlooked!

Smart Career Website
Powered by AI, smart career websites offer automated and personalised application scenarios, thereby centralising all the interactions with a candidate before the first interview.


active and passive candidates and make them want to join your company


with candidates and ensure that the right candidate applies for the right job, at the right time.


the key skills of your candidates, in an automated and personalised way.

Only enable the features which suit your needs, for external recruitment as well as internal transfers.

ATTRACT your future talent and make applicants want to join your business

Accessibility of job offers

Offer a career website that is accessible to candidates with disabilities through suitable font and contrast settings.

Ads indexed on search engines

Ensure additional visibility with Google Jobs Search, where your job offers will be indexed.

Personalised content

Personalise the content to suit different types of candidates. Your language should differ according to whether you are talking to a sales representative, a software developer, or an accountant.

Mobile experience, no CVs involved

Simplify the application process with a CV-free application, which can be activated for candidates applying on their mobile phone.

Browsing history

Display the most recent job openings that your candidate has viewed. It’s always nice to be remembered!


Accompany your candidates during their search and reply to their questions online directly using the chatbot. Efficiency, speed, and user-friendliness guaranteed.

ENGAGE your visitors to effectively transform them into potential candidates

Optimised application process

Personalise each stage of the application process. Depending on the job offer, candidate may be encouraged to send their CV, record an on-demand video interview, or respond to a multiple-choice questionnaire. All this to ensure that profiles are evaluated according to the desired criteria.

The best offers just 1 click away

Give candidates the opportunity to see all the job offers best suited to their profile by uploading their CV in just 1 click.

Email alerts

Keep your candidates engaged by automatically sending them relevant new offers by email. Foster a strong relationship with your future recruits.

Managing speculative applications

Automate the management of speculative applications by checking them against your current openings with the help of our matching software: say goodbye to unanswered applications.

Using a talent pool

Get more out of your applicant pool with our matching algorithm. Site visitors who are already qualified and interested in your business will be more likely to be a good match with your job offers.

Form-free applications

Spare your candidates the task of filling in endless forms. All the necessary information is taken directly from their CV.

EVALUATE candidates’ key skills to recruit the best person for the job

CV scoring and screening questions

to create a shortlist of applicants by generating a match percentage between their CV and the job offer.

Multiple-choice questionnaires and technical tests

to assess technical skills in an objective and standardised manner.

Video interviews & personality tests

to evaluate the candidates’ soft skills and to gauge their level of motivation.

Automated appointment making process

to relieve the recruiter of the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Opt for our turnkey solution and focus on what’s important.

Reduce by half the time your recruiters spend sifting through CVs, calling up applicants and scheduling interviews.


Increase your end recruitment rate by 30%.


Reduce your staff turnover rate by 33% within 1 year and raise your candidates’ NPS to >9/10.


Reduce by half your hiring costs and save up to 40% of your Recruitment and Employer Brand budget.

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