Find the best candidates

Do candidates want to join your company, without knowing your business? Do some of them put the wrong reference on their application? Or worse yet. Do you receive hundreds of CVs every day and you don’t have the time to choose among them all?
Do you often end up recruiting a candidate urgently without having been able to look properly at all the other profiles?

Find the best candidates

Implement powerful technology to rate your candidates.

Our solutions:

smart career website

The smart career website

to bring together all interactions with the candidate before the first live interview. You can focus on what is really important and let artificial intelligence do the initial screening, using your pre-defined criteria.

cv scoring

Resume Scoring

Thanks to our matching technology, applications are instantly sorted based on relevance, by creating connexions between the CV and the job advertised.

video interview

Video interviews

allow candidates to introduce themselves and set out their career plans, in a highly personalised way. A candidate’s motivation shines through in a video in a way it never will on a form or written CV.