Very common in Anglo-Saxon countries, on-demand video interviewing has now become more popular in Europe, particularly in Belgium. More and more recruiters are including an on-demand video interview as part of their recruitment process. The exercise allows candidates to further reveal their personality and go beyond their CV. Through the video, they can reveal who they really are, highlighting their motivation and enthusiasm for the position they are seeking. Because a candidate is not just a CV, but much more than that!

If you have applied to a job offer, you may have been invited to do an on-demand video interview. To make it a success, here are some practical tips.

On-demand video interview, what is it? 

An on-demand video interview does not replace a physical interview. This is often one of the first steps of a recruitment process. The recruiter will have prepared a series of questions (often 3 or 4) for you and will have invited you by email to carry out this exercise. By clicking on the link in the invitation email, you will then access the Visiotalent platform, and be able to answer these questions, by recording yourself in video (from your computer or smartphone). 

On-demand video interview, in 4 steps

🔎 #1 Preparing for the interview

Even if you do not know in advance the questions that will be asked during this exercise, it is still essential to prepare yourself.

To do this, we advise you to do some research on the company (its values, products or services, the team…). The more you know about the company and the position offered, the more you’ll be well prepared, and, therefore the less stressed you will be!

📌 #2. Making a good impression!

Thanks to the video format, you can reveal who you really are, what is your personality making you unique as a person. This is when non-verbal communication comes into play. Smiling, being enthusiastic, expressing yourself with your hands (without doing too much of course, it’s all about being natural) … it’s also about showing your motivation for the job!

It is also important to dress properly, from head to toe! Because yes, you may (you never know) need to get up during the video interview, and if you stayed in your pajama pants…it might not make the greatest impression!

😀 #3. Being yourself ! 

Through this exercise, the recruiter wants above all to judge your motivation and get to know you better. So there is no need to invent some experiences, or lie in your CV. It is even strongly discouraged! We also advise you to look at the camera, as if you were talking to the recruiter and to be as natural and spontaneous as possible.

💡 #4 Practical advices: a good internet connection and a quiet place

One of the major advantages of an on-demand video interview is that you can choose the place and time that suits you best to record it. To do this, we recommend you : 

  • choose a quiet place: if you are doing the interview at home, inform your family and friends beforehand, in order not to be disturbed. You only have one chance, it would be a shame to miss it!
  • choose a bright place, with a neutral background: for example, a white wall will do perfectly well. You have to communicate a professional image of yourself. 
  • test your equipment: microphone, webcam and internet connection. Make sure everything works before you start the exercise. 
  • choose a suitable browser: we recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla or Safari to conduct this interview. These browsers are the most suitable and up-to-date on the market.

Note: You experience a technical problem? Don’t worry, thanks to our online chatbot, you’re never alone. Available 24/7, solutions will be suggested to resolve your situation. If the chatbot does not find the solution, you will then be directed to someone from our support team 🙂

🔁 #5. Practice before doing your video interview

Once on the Visiotalent platform, a training module is available. We highly recommend you use it to practice! Although the questions are not the real ones the recruiter will ask you during the interview, it allows you to get used to the exercise, test your equipment, and feel perfectly comfortable.

You are now ready! Good luck !