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Our commitment

Although our platform is already compatible with most everyday working tools (HRIS, ATS, HR software, etc.), we’re committed to developing top-tier connectors with other high-added-value actors. Our solutions also derive their strength from the brands we partner with, such as communication agencies, consultants, integrators, whose expertise adds to ours.


Striving daily to optimise our partnerships

We’re stronger together, which is why we have an entire team of 15 employees dedicated to our partner ecosystem. Every day, they work hard to provide the best service, updating and optimising connections, and developing new integrations.


Valuing all partners, local and international

Our goal is to offer you the best service and improve your candidate experience. This is why we partner with both international actors and national and local organisations closer to our customers. Our partner teams are based all across Europe and already collaborate with more than 50 partners.

Our partners


Always on the lookout for valuable partnerships

If we haven’t established a partnership with one of your providers yet, our teams would be delighted to look into setting up new ties so we can better meet your needs. We’re constantly committed to improving our services and bringing added value to our platform by building bridges with meaningful partners.

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